Carbon Steel "Putterman" Mallet

Carbon Steel "Putterman" Mallet





Carbon Steel “Putterman” Series is similar to the Transformer series. The “Putterman” Series offers both blade and mallet options. The center shaft, face balance blade head comes either straight or offset hosel. The “Putterman” mallet comes in both heel shaft and center shaft heads which gives you 6 different options. You may choose a heel shaft mallet with straight, offset, plumbers neck or face balance double-bend hosel. If you prefer a center shaft, face balance mallet, you have the option between straight or offset hosel.

The carbon steel “Putterman” Series offers a different look and feel than the Transformer Series brushed finish. The “Putterman” Series only comes in right handed models. All "Knox Golf Company" putters come with superior face technology that sets us apart from the others. Anyone can build a pretty putter but our putters combine looks with great technology.

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