Kenny Knox Wedge

Kenny Knox Wedge

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The Kenny Knox Golf Company offers a line of wedges that are second to none. These beautifully designed, CNC milled, KK grind forged wedges will make you feel like a Tour professional every time you pull one out of the bag. Bob Evans teamed with 2-time Masters Champion Jose Maria Olazabal when designing them.

"As a player who relied on his short game to score, I always preferred forged wedges. This method of manufacturing produces a more solid feel and increased spin rates verses comparable cast wedges. Only CNC milling can produce maximum USGA conforming grooves. We have incorporated design features that raises the center of gravity which also enhances spin rates. Tour preferred sole grinds allow plenty of bounce with less toe and heel resistance through impact. Our team of professional technicians will help you select the best options for your game.

When you receive your new Knox wedge you may not want to hit it because of it’s beauty. Don’t worry, because it has the Tour preferred natural finish and your wedge will tarnish after regular use. Simply put, these wedges work.

Finish: Natural
Shaft: KBS Hi rev

Wedge 52° 56° 60°
Bounce 12°
Offset 4mm 2mm 2mm
Lie 63° 63° 63°
Length 35 1/2″ 35" 35"
Headweight 303 grams 303 grams 303 grams

Additional Information

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