Kenny Knox Putting

Putting is all about connection. One must maintain the “Unit” that is created between shoulders, arms, hands and putter head throughout the entire stroke. Alignment is very important as well. Feet, hips, and shoulders should be parallel to your intended target. Most people believe, putting is all about feel. I ask 1 simple question. Is feel created by using your hands in the stroke or would you have better feel being more mechanical? In my opinion, most people would answer incorrectly. I believe good, fundamentally sound mechanics will always produce better feel. I like to say, "good technique eliminates bad nerves”. A good set-up is essential when trying to maintain connection during the stroke. Follow the steps below to achieve a the proper address position.

  1. Take normal grip with putter
  2. Stand tall with feet close together
  3. Raise putter head towards the sky keeping elbows close to your side
  4. Bend from waist allowing putter to be parallel to the ground
  5. Maintain grip pressure and let arms fall slowly until putter reaches the green
  6. Make sure putter face is square to intended target
  7. Spread feet to shoulder width making sure that feet are parallel to intended target

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