Record Series: 08-4-09

Record Series: 08-4-09





The Record Series 08-4-09 is made with 303 stainless steel. The “08" putter face is milled to the Knox Golf Company specifications. The putter head has been treated with a QPQ finish. The QPQ finish makes the putter more durable and has a slightly different feel than most plating finishes. Feeling is believing, especially when the ball is hunting the hole.

"My limited edition record series putter is designed for performance. Like the “93″, it is both pleasing to the eye and has no rival when it comes to rolling the golf ball. The “18″ is also made of 303 stainless steel and has a milled face. The technology allows the golf ball to hug the ground from the moment you make your stroke. Since the golf ball rolls sooner with less spin the results are truly remarkable. Your distance control will improve dramatically. More true roll, no more bouncing. Experiencing is believing!"

"After a lifetime of studying, experiencing and learning about golf equipment I feel that my knowledge qualifies me to know the difference between a quality golf product and just another big name brand. I stand behind all of my products with my name."

Kenny Knox
3 Time PGA Tour winner and short game expert

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